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Are you struggling?

Overwhelmed with the challenge both physically and emotionally that you face?

Are you trying to find a way through it, but it seems hopeless and the life you had seen for yourself is changing, and the emotions are ruling things now?

I get that it can feel like a whole pile of crap, I was there, and I found a way through and I can share that with you.

You may have MS, Fibromyalgia, CFS, Endometriosis.

You may be trying to get pregnant and its just not working.

You know that reducing inflammation, reducing stress is key.

You may be aware of the possibilities for improvement through changes that you need to take responsibility for, but what if they don’t work?

There are blocks, negative emotions and difficulties and you feel you  just cant do it.

About Kat

I’m Kat, founder of Mind and Body Rewire and Fertility Rewire.

Important things to know about me:

I’m loyal, I’m a little too honest, I love shoes and boots ,  but the most important things about me are:

I’m not a sufferer, I’m not a survivor, I am a warrior…

Picture the scene, it’s July 26th 2005. I’d come through some significant rubbish in my childhood and early adulthood and to everyones surprise and relief was finally in a relationship that wasn’t a train wreck, I was sorted.

In a hospital consulting room, the neurologist told my feet, (he couldn’t look me in the eye) that I had Multiple Sclerosis and I won’t lie to you my world crashed in a whole heap of crap on the floor.

Fast forward and here we are, I’m married with 2 children and my MS is benign, it abso-freaking-lutley is!

Why does that matter to you?

I  work as a Health Change Coach to help you do the same.

As a natural health practitioner, utilising mindfulness and visualisation and a background as an Ergonomist, understanding the psychology and implementation of behavioural change.

I can help you work through the changes, find your blocks, recognise your thoughts and resulting emotions

How? I found my tigers, and I can help you find yours……

Become a Warrior..