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Do you want to be less Anxious?

Not want to feel fear rising?

As Humans we are programmed to survive.

To survive the tigers.

But our modern day tigers are ever-present, and the primal design hasn’t adapted evolutionarily.

Chances are you  are surrounded by tigers

Perhaps you are trying to escape them, get rid of them, to distract them, but what if you could live in harmony with them?

You can, My name is Kat Stevens and I can help you Live with Tigers.


My Name is Kat Stevens, a Personal Change coach and founder of the Rewire Programme.

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2005, and entered a spiral down the emotional roller coaster of what if’s, Despair, Anger and Overwhelm.

There was nothing that could be done, no cure, no known cause, in fact I was actually told that this was my cross to bear!

A tenacious individual, I searched and searched for answers, alternative treatments and entered a whole other realm of Overwhelm.

It wasn’t until I stopped looking for down stream fixes, for the sticking plaster approach or just deal with it approach that I travelled up stream, and identified the root cause.

I looked at the instrinsic design of my body, what had caused my body to go into survival mode?  What could I do to change it? and why should I have to, that I discovered how to change the Emotional Suffering that may have caused it, and was preventing change.

I have a background in Change Management on both a Individual and Organisational level, further qualifications and experiences in Life Coaching, Mind coaching (not as scary as it sounds), working within the Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Model and other therapies.

I love science, Facts, explanations and knowledge.  I can travel upstream with you, prevent the overwhelm, present you with the evidence and help you rewire, help you make that change, help you be the person you want to be.