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Are you struggling?

Overwhelmed with the challenge both physically and emotionally that you face?

As women our hormones ebb and flow through our cycle and through our life.  We follow set seasons.  But this intrinsic design has not adapted to modern life.

The resulting hormone imbalance leads to Menstrual disorders, Fertility issues, mood swings, pain, anxiety, depression, loss of libido, sleep issues, weight gain, digestive issues and immune disfunction and more….

Are you experiencing issues with

  • Fertility
  • Peri menopause
  • Menopause
  • Menstrual disorders
  • Auto immune conditions?
About Kat

I’m Kat, Women’s Health and Wellness Expert, author speaker and coach.

Important things to know about me:

I’m loyal, I’m a little too honest, I love shoes and boots , I have MS (now benign), I had 2 children at 38 and 39 years, Im in my 50’s and mostly hormonally balanced, but the most important thing about me are:

I’m not a sufferer, I’m not a survivor, I am a warrior…

Our bodies will only survive and work effectively if we have safety and sustenance.

In pre historic times the safety was from tigers, predators and other tribes.

But today our tigers are many and often and as a result our bodies divert hormones, shut down systems.  These tigers (stressors, thoughts) are wreaking havoc on your safety and you are in survival mode.

I found my tigers, and I can help you find yours……

Become a Warrior..